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Common Infrastructures

Phase: Initialisation 

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What is the Basic Service under development about?

Jupyter4NFDI aims to address the fragmented deployment of Jupyter Notebooks across NFDI consortia by offering a centralised service. This service will simplify access, improve user experience, and extend Jupyter's reach to a wider audience within and beyond the NFDI. It plans to integrate with IAM4NFDI for access governance and to provide access to HPC resources from GCS and the NHR Alliance. By supporting reproducible research and ensuring a consistent user experience, the proposal seeks to promote innovation and democratise access to computational research infrastructures.

Principal Investigators
Björn Hagemeier

JSC, Text+


Arnim Bleier



Bernd Flemisch

University of Stuttgart, NFDI4Ing


Matthias Lieber

TU Dresden, NFDI4DS


Klaus Reuter



George Dogaru

GWDG, Text+


Goals of the Initialisation phase

The Jupyter4NFDI central service will initially be hosted at JSC but designed to allow for future migration to other hosting providers using standard software stacks and deployment methods. External resources such as IAM4NFDI and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters and UNICORE-based HPC systems will be connected to the central JupyterHub, with comprehensive documentation provided for future integration with additional resources. The service aims to ensure sustainability by prioritising compatibility with the wider Jupyter ecosystem, utilising generic customisation facilities, contributing changes upstream, and maintaining continuous communication with providers of external resources.

Planned duration (current phase)


Publications, presentations, workshops

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