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Terminology Services
Initialization Phase
Supported by: NFDI Section Metadata, Terminologies, Proveniance

What does it do?

Terminology Services 4 NFDI (TS4NFDI) is a cross domain service for the provision, curation, development, harmonization and mapping of terminologies. It aims to facilitate consensus-building and interoperability of services across disciplines to achieve a shared knowledge representation and knowledge engineering framework. The service seeks to integrate and converge individual solutions into a standardized, interoperable, and sustainable service suite with Service Wrapper, API Gateway, mapping service and reusable GUI widgets.

Goals of the Initialization phase

Currently TS4NFDI is in the initialization phase with the following goals: to create a comprehensive overview of all consortia and the terminologies and related services in use – as well as their requirements and relevant use cases. Based on the development of a detailed architecture, a first pilot should at least integrate three different terminology service platforms into an aligned terminology service backend.

Planned duration (current phase)

01.11.2023 – 31.10.2024


Oliver Koepler
TIB Leibniz Information Centre


Roman Baum
ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences
NFDI4Health, FAIRagro


Naouel Karam
Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) e.V.