Propose to Us!
How to Propose

Any proposal for a Basic Service must originate from a community process within a section - and as a result of requirements of the consortia expressed via the sections of the NFDI Association.

Fresh ideas for a service we absolutely need to have? Drum up support in a section and draft a proposal!

Who can submit a proposal?

 A proposal has to be submitted by one lead insitution and further participating institutions. All institutions need to be (or have a route to become) members of a DFG-funded consortium.

Please use our templates:

How to connect a proposal to the NFDI Consortia?

1. After a submission consortia evaluate all proposals based on their community's needs. (​see detailed filter criteria per phase here)

2. The Consortia Assembly votes on whether to fund the service.

Therefore, no generic letters of support are necessary. Base4NFDI discourages submitting generic letters of support as consortia can express their position in our selection process.

Whenever consortia are actively involved (as a consortium!) in the proposed service this planned involvement should, however, be documented in a letter of commitment detailing the specific contribution(s).

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15.05.24 June 2024 July 2024 August 2024
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15.09.24 October 2024
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