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Data Management Plans

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Common Infrastructures

Phase: Initialisation 

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What is the Basic Service under development about?

DMP4NFDI is a centralised Basic Service for managing data management plans (DMPs) and software management plans (SMPs) across the NFDI. It will host the open-source DMP tool RDMO, coordinate template creation, standardise content, and offer guidance and support to consortia staff responsible for DMPs. The service aims to enhance communication among stakeholders, support data collection and review processes, and foster interoperability by engaging consortia early on to refine requirements and develop standardised DMP templates. Ultimately, DMP4NFDI seeks to maximise the benefits of widespread DMP adoption by promoting interoperability and integration across the NFDI's research data ecosystem. 

Principal Investigators
Thomas Stäcker

TU Darmstadt, NFDI4Ing


Jochen Johannsen



Konrad Förstner

ZB MED, NFDI4Microbiota


Goals of the Initialisation phase

The basic service will be modelled after the existing NFDI4Ing RDMO service during the initialisation phase and further developed. Four consortia, including NFDI4Culture, NFDI4Memory, NFDI4Biodiversity, and NFDI4Earth, have expressed interest in early adoption or contributing to service development. Each consortium has specific needs, such as integrating community tools and controlled vocabularies, developing extensive DMP templates, providing training measures, and supporting community-specific requirements, which will be addressed during the initialisation phase through workshops and collaboration with the RDMO community.

Planned duration (current phase)

Begin: June 2024

Publications, presentations, workshops

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