Who can Apply and How?

The application process for potential basic services is straightforward.

Who can Apply?

  • A proposal has to be submitted by a lead institution and further participating institutions. All institutions need to be (or have a route to become) members of a DFG-funded NFDI consortium. The proposal must be approved by a Section.

How to Apply

  • Any proposal for a Basic Service must originate from a community process within a section and as a result of requirements of the consortia expressed via the Sections of the NFDI Association
  • Fresh ideas for a service we absolutely need to have? Drum up support in a Section and draft a proposal!
  • Please use our templates for all proposals. The template for the initialization phase (.rtf) is available for download.
  • Sections will submit proposals to Base4NFDI (see: How Base4NFDI will Decide)