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Call for Contributions to the 1st Base4NFDI User Conference



Dear colleagues in the NFDI and beyond,

as many of you already know, the first Base4NFDI User Conference (UC4B) will take place in Berlin on November 20/21, 2024.

We cordially invite you to contribute to the conference program with this call.

Please feel free to distribute the call in your sections, consortia, basic service teams and other relevant groups.

Further information can be found on the event website at

If you have any questions , please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.


Call for Contributions

Today, research data is often stored in many different places, difficult to find and only available for a limited time. The NFDI aims towards better findability, accessibility and reusability of research data. Base4NFDI integrates and establishes basic services as common, interoperable solutions. Already existing services are adapted or extended to be usable for researchers from other disciplines. This way, parallel developments are avoided - since many scientific fields have similar requirements for a number of research data management services.

The Base4NFDI User Conference is set up to become the focal point in the development of Basic Services in NFDI. It is used to present, discuss and operationalize current developments in the Basic Services funded via Base4NFDI as well as potential future Basic Services. The User conference programme welcomes participation from the NFDI community and beyond.

Members from sections and its working groups, consortia, Basic Services and beyond are invited to contribute to the discussion and participate in the event, with the long term goal of collaboratively shaping the service offering Base4NFDI can provide to both NFDI and the wider RDM landscape.

For that reason we ask to submit abstracts to demonstrate activities around Base4NFDI services.

Possible topics for abstracts:           

  1. Contributions from the sections and its working groups to come up with Basic Service candidates (e.g. How could potential future Basic Services look like?)
  2. Basic Services, Basic Service incubators and networking activities (e.g. How are existing Basic Services developing in Initialisation and Integration stages? How can interoperability of Basic Services be ensured?)
  3. Contributions of the consortia to the (integration of) Basic Services – as well as other topics related to Base4NFDI (e.g. How can Basic Services be expected to be adopted by the NFDI community, and beyond?)
  4. Birds-eye view on the process phases in Base4NFDI (e.g. How could user involvement be shaped within Basic Service development?)


We request abstracts of a maximum of 500 words. Please use the template linked at the event page for submission. Please submit the abstract here by May 15, 2024: The review will be done in collaboration with the NFDI sections, the Base4NFDI Basic Services teams and the Base4NFDI staff, the decision will be made by the program chairs.

Accepted abstracts will either get a slot for            

  • a short talk in the main program or
  • a lightning talk in the main program and a poster in the poster session

At least one person from each submission is expected to attend the conference. Virtual participation is not possible.

Abstracts and slides/posters will be published on Zenodo after the conference. Accepted abstracts may be revised before publication.

Further details can be found here:

The Program Chairs,

Reinhard Altenhöner, Raphael Ritz, Sonja Schimmler

Base4NFDI goes LinkedIn



Great news for our community: Base4NFDI is now on LinkedIn!

We're excited to share latest news and updates from the world of Basic Services in the NFDI-Community.

Discover inspiring events and read about important milestones from Base4NFDI and NFDI research disciplines but more importantly: connect with us, the NFDI-Consortia and Basic Service Development Teams.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, expanding our network and engaging with you.

See you there!

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Decode User Needs - Launch of new Persona Creation Kit



Base4NFDI supports its funded services to understand their target group by developing Personas - now you can use the workshop materials and template too!

Click here to find our Persona Creation Kit!

Have you ever struggled to understand your service's target group? A lot of time and effort went into development of a service but now many of your potential users are not aware of the service, don’t get its benefits or are struggling to use it?

Personas are archetypes - fictional characters - that represent typical users. They help designers and developers of services efficiently identify and empathize with user needs, characteristics, and goals.

In Base4NFDI we fund and support the creation of basic services that are potentially relevant to all consortia – and thereby different scientific disciplines. Basic services are technical-organizational solutions that may include storage and computing services, software and workflows as well as personnel support and are scalable, sustainable and effective.

In the requirements analysis phase, we support basic service teams with workshops and introduce methods to gather personas, epics and user stories to enable a user-centric design that fits the needs of the scientific community. One of these measures were two persona creation workshops in November 2023 and February 2024 where the first 6 personas were created by Base4NFDI-funded projects.

You want to develop personas but do not have a basic service proposal (yet)? We derived the Base4NFDI Persona Creation Kit from the workshops we did and published it on Zenodo. So, if you are interested, go ahead, learn about the process, see some examples or gather people from your team and develop your own personas.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us!

Image credit: pch.vector on Freepik

Research Data Alliance Tagung 2024 in Potsdam

RDA DE 1small


The RDA Deutschland Tagung 2024 took place 20/21 February at the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ). The RDA DE Association, in cooperation with the State and Library University Göttingen (SUB) and the Helmholtz Open Science Office, organised a versatile event, including two interesting keynotes and a number of talks covering a broad range of different topics. Furthermore, projects and initiatives were given the opportunity to present their work during a poster session. Base4NFDI was represented with two posters: An introduction to Base4NFDI, and another poster specifically dedicated to our Section Liaison Officers and Service Stewards.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s RDA DE Tagung was the first in-person since 2020. The event was framed by an opening keynote “Die Eckpunkte der europäischen Datenstrategie” given by Renate Nikolay, and the closing keynote “Who owns your data? Who should benefit from it? The effect of UN policy decision on biological data management” by Dr. Amber Hartman Scholz. Both keynotes drew attention to the multiple challenges that data collecting, storing, and reuse have on several levels, primarily focussing their talks on ethical issues.

The variety of talks, spanning from repositories and archives, RDA’s current strategic plan to digital emergency preservation, invited the audience to lively discuss each topic and served as a formidable basis for in-between conversations over a coffee and during the poster session. Each poster was briefly introduced in a ‘Minute Madness’ where the authors could advertise their work. While our introductory poster to B4N attracted people who were interested in which basic services they could potential use for their own work – both within and outside NFDI consortia –, our poster about the Service Stewards and Section Liaison Officers raised questions about how which support a basic service team can expect from those two groups of staff and how their expertise can best be utilised for cooperation between the different stakeholders.

For our work in B4N, the RDA Deutschland Tagung was an interesting and useful insight into an active and intrinsically motivated community whose activities and outputs will continue to play a major role globally. We are looking forward to strengthening our bonds with the RDA and overall international players.

RDA DE 1small

Our Base4NFDI team at RDA Deutschland Tagung  2024.

New Initialisation Proposal Template


Base4NFDI is excited to announce the release of version 3.0 of our proposal template for the Initialisation Phase - the first of three phases for Basic Service candidates. The new version is now available for download here and on the Base4NFDI templates page

Please use this template for the upcoming rounds!


  • Significance Abstract was added to succinctly articulate the added value of their proposed Basic Service to a non-technical audience.
  • Revised information regarding maximum funding.
  • More specific information on collecting Letters of Commitment.

Find all changes detailed in the release notes here.

This update is a result of valuable feedback gathered from various proposal teams and NFDI Consortia, coupled with insights gained from our experiences within Base4NFDI. Our aim is to streamline processes and enhance clarity. Our commitment to refining templates is an ongoing endeavor, and we encourage you to share your suggestions with Task Area 3 by reaching out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We value your input and look forward to continuously improving the proposal process!



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