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Base4NFDI meets NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Biodiversity



The Base4NFDI team has been visiting two consortia's community events in the past month, and we would like to share some of our impressions with you. We were excited to meet the communities of NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Biodiversity to see how their respective consortium is built and understand their needs regarding the basic services currently under development in Base4NFDI. We are looking forward to meeting more NFDI consortia this year and in the meantime, please enjoy a little recap of our engagement at both events below. See you hopefully soon at the next event!

NFDI4Biodiversity All Hands, Munich, April 24-26, 2024

In April, the NFDI Biodiversity community came together at the General Directorate of the Bavarian State Archives in Munich to celebrate their achievements and progress, and jointly discuss challenges and plans for the upcoming years. Next to jolly warm-up sessions with Menti-Mark, the program included a number of insightful hands-on workshops, a tools marketplace, and plenty of opportunities for networking.

Base4NFDI showcased a poster on how Section Liaison Officers and Service Stewards contribute to the development of basic services within the NFDI. Our Service Stewards Jana and André had the opportunity to explore synergies between services of the consortium and the PID4NFDI and IAM4NFDI basic services. Additionally, the TS4NFDI team was attending and presented their terminology widgets during the Software Market. A huge thank you once again to the NFDI4Biodiversity team for hosting such an engaging event, providing valuable insights into the consortium's work and discussions about basic services.

NFDI4Biodiversity AllHands Poster JanaAndre 2024
Service Stewards Jana Tatscheck (left, PID4NFDI, TS4NFDI) and André Giesler (right, Jupyter4NFDI, IAM4NFDI) presenting the concept of Section Liaison Officers and Service Stewards at the NFDI4Biodiversity AllHands conference.

NFDI4Earth Plenary, Dresden, May 22-24, 2024

The Earth System Sciences community gathered at the 3rd NFDI4Earth Plenary in Dresden to present recent developments on the pilot use cases and architecture leading to the future OneStop4All platform as well as to conduct several workshops organised by interest groups. The program can be found here Base4NFDI contributed with one invited talk, held by executive manager Najla Rettberg, and with a workshop on basic services, held by Sandra Zänkert and  Xenia Ritter. The invited talk impressed with a round-up about Base4NFDI’s origin, structure, goals and vision, and explained how NFDI4Earth already applies one basic service (IAM4NFDI): IAM4NFDI is onboarded to manage access to NFDI4Earth’s training and education platform powered by open edX, where the community can enroll and pass in (e.g.) data analytics and programming classes on their own time.

The workshop offered a theoretical part where the currently six funded basic services (IAM4NFDI, TS4NFDI, PID4NFDI, Jupyter4NFDI, DMP4NFDI, KGI4NFDI) were presented, focussing on the question how the NFDI4Earth community can benefit and use those services. The interactive part of the workshop welcomed fruitful, helpful, and engaged discussions on specific use cases for the NFDI4Earth community, on how these services can add value, and what kind of support is expected. We were excited to see this engagement from the NFDI4Earth community and would like to express gratitude to share their ideas and thoughts with Base4NFDI to make our vision a success story.

4earth 2 3.jpg
Najla Rettberg speaks about basic services that originated in NFDI sections (left) during the invited talk. Base4NFDI and NFDI4Earth Spokesperson Lars Bernard joined for the discussion (right).

4earth 3
Xenia Ritter (left) and Sandra Zänkert (right) about to start the basic services workshop.

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