More on Base4NFDI

Fully integrated

Base4NFDI is a joint endeavor. The proposal has been written by the - then 19 - consortia of NFDI's funding rounds 1 and 2 but fully including all 13 consortia initiatives of funding round 3. Its governance is set up to continue this broadly integrated and integrative spirit. All strategic decisions will be made by the consortia assembly.

Bottom Up

Base4NFDI fully commits to NFDI's most distinguishing feature: its bottom-up architecture. Decisions are rooted in the needs of communities or domains. If they prove to be relevant for "potentially all" consortia organizing these domains, a basic service will be developed.

Integration of Base4NFDI into the NFDI Association

Three phases of development. From Section Proposal to NFDI Service Portfolio.

Can Base4NFDI fund existing services?

Proposals for Basic Services can include or be fully comprised of existing services. Base4NFDI assumes that existing services will be integrated and further expanded to become overarching services. For these developments Base4NFDI will provide resources in line with the limits specified for the respective development phase.

What Base4NFDI Funding will pay for?

Base4NFDI funding will cover the work in the three stages of initialization, integration and ramping-up for operation. Particularly in the integration phase resources will be available to assure interoperability with existing services. Depending on whether or not integration is possible consortia might incur adaptation or migration costs. Base4NFDI will only be able to cover such costs for changing from an existing service to an NFDI wide basic service within parameters specified in the proposals. It is therefore strongly advisable to participate actively in the requirements-definition process.

When Basic Services will be Available?

When Basic Services will be Available (H)Not before year 3 of Base4NFDI funding. All proposals will pass through an initialization phase, set to prepare the stage for actual development. When successful an integration phase follows spanning scaling-up, development, testing, deployment and maintenance, as an incremental and fast-moving process. Depending on their complexity Services can be available during that phase. Only in phase three - ramping-up for operation - however will services be designated basic services and be reliable enough to use for a community’s research data management.

What will NFDI’s Basic Service Portfolio look like?

NFDI’s Basic Service Portfolio will emerge from Base4NFDI’s development processes. The three stages will act as filters, identifying viable basic services for NFDI from a larger pool of ideas for less generic services. As it emerges, interoperability and a state of the art technical basis will be ensured. Base4NFDI will design a maintenance and continuous evaluation framework for the NFDI Basic Service Portfolio. However, in order to accommodate the NFDI bottom-up approach no ex-ante and/or central Basic Service Portfolio is yet to be defined.