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Identity & Access Management
Initialization Phase
Supported by:
NFDI Section Common Infrastructures

What does it do?

IAM4NFDI is concerned with connecting and expanding existing and emerging Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems in a way that researchers from different domains and institutions are able to access digital resources within NFDI as easily as possible, including access to and exchange with external infrastructures and resources like the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). A decentralised, federated IAM is required. This way, users from approx. 400 German research and higher education institutions plus approx. 5000 home organisations worldwide -number increasing - will be able to access services and resources provided by the NFDI Community Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI).

Goals of the Initialization phase

Even before the project began, the team developed a modular architecture for the future NFDI Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (NFDI-AAI) based on concepts that are already established in the international research communities (AARC). The same applies to the underlying standards and best practices such as attribute profiles and the policy framework. The concept of a Community AAI plays a central role here, for which as-a-service solutions will be developed. During the initialisation phase, these concepts will be implemented and evaluated together with the NFDI community. The experience gained here will be an important basis for the integration phase.

Planned duration (current phase)

May 2023 to January 2024 (proposal for Integration Phase accepted; start in 2024)

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IAM4NFDI Orga-Team

Wolfgang Pempe

Marius Politze



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