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How Base4NFDI will Decide

Each proposal is evaluated along a set of criteria defined in the Base4NFDI proposal at three different stages:

  1. A Section will discuss proposals during Section meetings, proposals can be commented and can – if necessary – be integrated with proposals by other interested Sections.
  2. The Technical Expert Committee is in charge of evaluating proposals for basic service candidates in terms of technical quality, interoperability with existing solutions, suitability of the partner organisations suggested and the financial calculations provided.
  3. The Consortia Assembly decides on whether to fund the service. The vote in the Consortia Assembly reflects the degree of support and commitment for a basic service candidate among the consortia.

Criteria for the Initialization Phase


Approval of 25%
of consortia

Technology Readiness

Compliance with Technology Readiness (.pdf) Level TRL 3-4


Presentation of strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT analysis and transparent reflection on opportunities and risks, with particular attention to existing solutions


Concept for implementation or instantiation of services with technologies that have open licences to ensure transparency and to avoid lock-in scenarios. The software of the service itself has to be licensed under an open source software licence

Criteria for the Integration Phase


Approval of 50%
of consortia

Technology Readiness

Compliance with Technology Readiness (.pdf) Level TRL 5-6


Provision of a firm calculation of financial support needed from Base4NFDI for reaching the operational phase including a detailed work plan indicating in particular, until when the service can be provided


Demonstration of interoperability with NFDI services


Demonstration of ability to integrate with other national and international infrastructures, in particular EOSC (compliance with EOSC’s Interoperability Guidelines)

Criteria for the Ramping-Up-for-Operation Phase


Approval of 75%
(“potentially all”)

Technology Readiness

Compliance with Technology Readiness (.pdf) Level TRL 7-8

Final Technology Readiness

Provision of sufficient evidence TRL 9 (.pdf) will be reached at the end of the funding phase


Provision of sufficient evidence that the operational phase is sustainably supported by commitments from participating or further institutions

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