Base4NFDI in 2023

While Base4NFDI still faces substantial uncertainties, we feel that the process should start as quickly as possible. We therefore announce the following timetable (subject to changes).

When to Apply

  • 1st Round: first set of proposals can be submitted by 2023-02-15. The TEC wil discuss them in early March 2023 and prepare a decision by the consortia assembly on 2023-03-31)
  • 2nd Round: Proposals can be submitted by 2023-05-15 (TEC 2023-06; CA 2023-07-07)
    3rd Round: Proposals can be submitted by 2023-08-15 (TEC 2023-09; CA 2023-10-06)

Depending on the final funding decision, the proposal for an IAM basic service - which enjoys substantial support and has been prioritized by the reviewers - might be privy to a different decision process.